Walking with my husband and children along a wooded path, I smelled the sweet fragrance of a nearby honeysuckle bush. I  immediately was taken back to my childhood, remembering the sweet smell vividly as I breathed in. I looked at my husband who had also stopped to reminisce. We began to chat about our childhood, and the playgrounds that we both commonly played at. Unbeknownst to both of us at the time, we were playing with our future life partner. Playing on the miracle-go-round, going high on the swings, withstanding the hot metal slide, and smelling the nearby honeysuckle that lined the edge of the playground. Those moments of innocence and simplicity were the highlight of my childhood. I am grateful I shared that time with my now husband. We recently moved to a home with a larger yard in hopes of sharing in similar time with our children. With the hectic lives we all lead and the conveniences of technology, it's easy to get distracted. Hours pass in minutes and we lose those precious moments with our children.
Oh Sweet Stella was created as a means to find more time with my family. I hope the items we provide remind you to slow down and add a bit of simplicity to your life.
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