Lessons Learned

You may have noticed our selection of products has become more focused on clothing, accessories and toys…

My sister and I’s main priority from day one has been to develop and maintain excellent customer experiences. However, as newbies to the retail world we knew we would make mistakes and learn lessons along the way. We started our business plan with the concept of drop-shipping, its ease of obtaining products without the need to store inventory and not having to handle shipping, allowed us to get up and running. However, It hasn’t taken long for us to realize this ease on our end was not providing the experience we wanted to provide our customers. We wanted fast shipping of high quality products for you. So we quickly shifted to finding high-quality products to purchase. The products we have chosen come from US and Canadian based small businesses and are nothing short of spectacular quality. Today we are proud to say we are strictly offering in-stock products only! 

Each item is thoroughly inspected and shipped quickly by us personally. We hope over time we will be able to add more nursery and bedroom decor back into what we offer. In the meantime, please know your products will now come quickly. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or needs.

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